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Mirka Drapaniotou

I am Mirka Drapaniotou. I live in Greece and I work as a ceramist in Athens.

My first studies in fashion design and long personal engagement with fabric design and plasticity have inevitably contributed to me exploring relevant material and artistic experimentation and eventually discovering ceramic art.

Clay, a basic and unprocessed material, has allured me as a medium of self-expression.

As it can be molded, formed, shaped and gradually transform, depending on the powers exercised on it, it becomes the motive that I need to substantiate objects that can receive, retain and finally offer not only their aesthetics, but also their archetypal function.

The forms I create have been inspired by our archaic origins, but are adapted to the modern way of living.

The geometrical elements that form the basis for these forms function harmoniously through the interchange of light and shade, attributing to the space formed between them a role that is as significant as the object itself.