About Mirka Drapaniotou

Mirka Drapaniotou was born in Athens-Greece in 1971.

She studied fashion and costume design and worked in the fashion industry from 1992 to 2000.

She attended free-hand drawing and chromatics courses from 2012 to 2017 with the painter, Irene Koutridou, and from 2018 to2019 with the visual artist, Stavros Bonatsos.

She started taking ceramics lessons from 2013 to2017 by art teacher and ceramist, Marilena Michopoulou, and Menandros Papadopoulos and continued her studies in M. Michopoulou’s art school, Clay Form Sculpture‘ Keramikes Morfes’. From 2014 to 2016 she attended classic sculpture lessons organised by Altin Patselis. Between 2015-2017 she attended lessons in form design by visual artist – ceramist, Nikos Sklavenitis.

Today she is teaching in the school Clay Form Sculpture ‘Keramikes Morfes’ and has her own studio.

She is a founding member of the art group TERRACTIVA.

She has taken part in various group exhibitions:

  • MELANITRHOS Gallery, Clay Stories I, 2016
  • 54th Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition, 2016
  • MELANITRHOS Gallery, Clay Stories II – Containing Content, 2018
  • Ceramics – Sculpture Exhibition, Equality of Sexes, with Ceramist Group, Kerameon Ichni, Kalamata, 2018
  • Eleni Marneri Gallery, Metamorphosis, 2019
  • 5th Ceramics Exhibition, with Ceramist Group, Kerameon Ichni, Agora Argiri, Patras, 2019

She has taken part in various seminars & symposia:

  • Ceramics decoration – History of Ceramics by Lia Papailia, at ‘Keramikes Morfes.’
  • Form development by Velimir Vukicevic, 2017
  • Form development by Rafa Perez, 2018
  • Raku in Aegina island by Theodora Chorafa, 2017
  • Symposium in Kalamata with Ceramist Group,Kerameon Ichni, 2018
  • Alternative firings by Thodoris Galigalidis